The New York Times (Peter G. Davis):
“In order to make this kind of impression, Mr. Cohan would have had to offer an unusually demanding, imaginative and nervy program, and this is precisely what he did.
“The subtly calibrated range of musical effects obtainable on this instrument [baroque flute] are only achieved through minute gradations of air pressure and the lightest tongue-flicks of color, while concentration on linear shape and rhythmic pulse become crucial matters. Mr. Cohan controlled all of these factors brilliantly, and he applied them with an expressive spontaneity and communicative intensity that kept a listener consistently absorbed.
“The music world seems full of excellent flutists these days, but there should be room for one more if he demonstrates the special gifts that Jeffrey Cohan displayed.

Darmstadter Echo Darmstadt, Germany (Thomas Ehrle):
“The flute appears formally to be part of him, as though an extension of an organism that resonates within, bringing the sound to the air through an unheard-of sensivity and mastery of breath.”

Westfälischer Anzeiger Hamm, Germany (Ellen Ruhnau):
Fire, Fantasy and Perfection
“Magical appeal, musical sensitivity and glowing fantasy … uncommon stylistic originality, highly artistic maturity and technical perfection … an astonishing gift of sympathetic understanding … seemingly effortless brilliance … a genuine fireworks display of virtuoso effects.”

Der Bund Bern, Switzerland:
“His virtuosity seeming to know no bounds, he succeeded with his virtually infallible, secure technique in enchanting the listeners.”

Milliyet Sanat Dergisi Ankara, Turkey:
“The significant portion of the concert was the Ibert Concerto. Soloist Jeffrey Cohan presented a feather-light, sensitive interpretation with breath-taking clarity and the sparkling tone of his flute.” [with the Presidential Symphony Orchestra]

The Age Melbourne, Australia (Clive O'Connell):
"Cohan's elegant flute floats like a feather"
“Cohan has an impressive breath capacity, enabling him to spin long and ornate passages without blatant breaks …calm and elegant skill.”

Salzgitter Zeitung Salzgitter, Germany:
“Cohan's engaging music-making … captivated the listener to the last instant.”

Der Bund Bern, Switzerland:
“Virtuoso flutist...astonishing time and time again.”

Main-Spitz Rüsselsheim, Germany (Christoph Ludewig):
“Boundless Ingenuity”

Burgdorfer Tagblatt Burgdorf, Switzerland:
“Jeffrey Cohan interpreted Bach's music entirely in accordance with its inherent character, flexibly and yet without affect-seeking intentions. Exaggeration of feeling was absent. —Whenever a sound, a melodic bridge, touched the hearts, it was the result of skillfully accentuated phrasing and of a dynamic development of line.

Berner Zeitung Bern, Switzerland:
“Exquisite are Cohan's breathing, his sense of line, and his technique.”

Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Richard M. Campbell):
“Cohan, in particular, demonstrated his fluent virtuosity many times over in a program demanding fleet fingers. Moreover, the notes were made into music with phrases just and considered, finely wrought and wonderfully molded. Something whole and musical resulted.”
“Flutist breathes new life into music of the Renaissance”

Times-Colonist Victoria, Canada (Deryk Barker):
“Concerto's flute solo exciting”
“‘The flute’ according to Aristotle's Politics, ‘is not an instrument which has a good moral effect; it is too exciting.’
“Exciting would certainly be an appropriate word to describe the playing of Jeffrey Cohan, soloist on Mozart's Concerto in G.
“The first movement cadenza … displayed Cohan's extraordinary virtuosity and raised the question of whether he actually need to breathe.
“The tender second movement was a wonderful interlude of repose.
“Rarely have I seen such an animated soloist;
“Still, as far as this listener was concerned, Cohan could have swung upside-down, handcuffed from the rafters as long as he played with such finesse and energy.”

Darmstadter Tagblatt Darmstadt, Germany (Wolf Eberhard von Lewinski):
“One would at all events like to be able to hear this musician again soon”